Choose Your Own Adventure

If you….were excited to see tangible improvement in two areas that were total disasters last year (the offense in general and kick returns); are chalking up SIU’s re-entry into the game to a couple bonehead turnovers and shanked punts; think that our defensive struggles are just as much due to inexperience as to scheme; thought Josh Ferguson showed this offense will be a fantastic fit for him…..then continue on to the possibility of a 3 or 4 win season, tangible improvement and Tim Beckman job security.

If you….believe that the disastrous Reilly O’Toole sequence was indicative of this coaching staff’s poor grasp of game strategy; are alarmed that Donovonn Young was bottled up by an FCS defense; think that SIU throwing for nearly 350 yards is just a taste of what teams like Cincinnati are going to do to us; are in a stunned stupor that we somehow received another sideline interference penalty; feel like we might be the fourth-best college football team in the state of Illinois….then continue on to a 1 or 2 win season with minimal tangible improvement and begin thinking just how easy it would be to get Dino Babers to relocate from Charleston.

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