I Was WAY Off

Remember when I was all “hey, nothing’s gone that wrong yet”? Because not only has it gone wrong, it’s already over. An irrevocable disaster that probably ended tourney hopes and poisoned the well with fans who had just started selling out the Hall again, all in one fell swoop.

This is the new projection, isn’t it?

at Purdue L
Ohio State W
Minnesota L
at Wisconsin L
Northwestern L
at Nebraska L
Michigan L
at Michigan State L
Wisconsin L
Indiana L
at Minnesota L
Purdue W
at Northwestern L
Penn State W
at Michigan L (like, SO hard)
Nebraska W
at Iowa L
at Ohio State L

Honestly. Make the case for more than four wins.* I might be talking crazy talk thinking we’ll beat Purdue at home.

*I’m lying. Don’t make the case. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.


3 thoughts on “I Was WAY Off

  1. If they could beat nebraska tomorrow night they might be able to squeak one more additional win which would make it 5 but unless they do something crazy in the tournament there is no way 5 will be enough.

    • If I fess up to making the “Hey, if they get hot from 3 again, they could win the Big Ten Tournament as a 10-seed” argument now, does that make me more sane or less sane when I do it the week of the tournament. Probably less sane.

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