Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Debating

Biden: “Listen for my Trans-Am in the parking lot. If you’re man enough.”

See, now this is what I was expecting from the debates – muddled results on who fared better, both sides claiming to be happy with the result, and the polls remaining fairly static afterward…you know, the usual.

It’s kind of silly that anybody would have expected otherwise. After all, doesn’t the VP Debate feel like something that was added just to make sure there was something special for the running mates to do? It’s essentially just an exercise in surrogacy that you can catch on any Sunday morning talk show. Although, if a complete outsider unfamiliar with our structure of government was watching, they could be forgiven if they came away thinking that the VP was very important because he is the guy who decides when we go to war. Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Libya, and that doesn’t even mention our totes illegal drone war. We get it, Martha Raddatz, foreign policy is your thing. But since it’s splitting hairs to find meaningful foreign policy differences between these two tickets, it’s kind of a waste of time.

Anyway, in terms of optics I thought both of these guys went too far in the direction they were trying to go (Ryan was too passive in an attempt to look under control and reasonable, Biden was too aggressive in trying to fire up his base). They both came off as disagreeable. Let’s just go back to thinking about them as AC Slater and Hennessy Joe, respectively:

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