Oh, the Apathy


First I was going to write about the game, but the game was so bad it didn’t deserve writing about. Not in any extended fashion, anyway. What’s the point in gasbagging on for hundreds of words when one team totally outclasses another in every. single. facet. of the game? Besides, anybody who would care what I wrote likely watched part of the action on Saturday, and watching any part of it would have assured you that this team is a noncompetitive entity in the worst Big Ten of my lifetime. If your eyes couldn’t tell you that, nothing I write will.

Then I was going to send an angry email to the DIA once I saw that Memorial Stadium Event Staff kicked A Lion Eye out of the stadium again. This is a person who is essentially paying his own way to cover this team. I am someone who received payment to cover the early Zook years, and that was hard enough. And it’s not like he deserves special treatment – ANYBODY who makes it through four quarters of this deserves a medal, not to be accosted by the police.

But I couldn’t even follow through on that. No, instead, I just quietly cancelled the tentative plans I had to see this team later this year. I can’t imagine I was the only one.

One thought on “Oh, the Apathy

  1. When will the madness stop! Illinois football is a wreck. I was speaking with someone who follows the program and the players closely and he said that toward the end Zook didn’t recruit leaders. He mostly recruited talent. So we have a team full of talent, no leaders and awful coaching. Then get this the talent will be sorely lacking next year. How can we compete?PSU loses 13 players…I think 9 of them starters and their coach fields a decent team? How can we have one of the top defenses in the country and then give up dozens of points this year? Our schemes are ridiculous and it seems like the opposing team knows what we will run on offense and Defense so they run plays to exploit it…terrible

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