We’re Just the Worst

Did you guys know we filed a WTO complaint against China for the way it is subsidizing its auto industry? Seriously. We did that. Let it sink in for a moment. The Obama administration – the same one that seemingly cannot beat its chest enough about the $85 billion dollars we dumped into our own auto industry (and that’s not counting the money GM received in special bankruptcy tax breaks, tax credits towards Volts, etc.) – doesn’t like it that the Chinese government is playing favorites with their auto industry.

[pauses to clean vomit off keyboard]

But wait! It gets worse! The “alternative” to Obama (in this supposed Election of Big and Contrasting Ideas, mind you), Mitt Romney, doesn’t think our misguided protectionism goes far enough! He’s cut an ad saying he’s going to “Stand Up to China”, that the president has been soft, and that he would essentially brand China some kind of trade outlaw his first day in office. This, from the party that is allegedly pro-market and pro-trade. Or something.

If you’ve wondering why I’ve been writing primarily about Illinois football, it’s because it is lighthearted, amusing fare compared to this election, which actually makes me want to cut myself with a dull, rusty blade.


One thought on “We’re Just the Worst

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