Last week I ended my post with

We’ll learn A LOT this Saturday night, won’t we?


I really don’t even want to spend too much time talking about it. With the exception of Donovonn Young and Josh Ferguson running like they were as frustrated and angry about the goings-on as I was, there were no positives in this game. Our defense, which we thought was good enough to win games on its own, was lit up (don’t tell me they were tired because the offense was putrid; they were about eight steps slow on the first possession and never caught up). Our special teams looked Zookian. Because I’m a nice guy, I won’t get into the quarterback play.

The most alarming thing was that ASU was a benchmark. We beat this team in a hard-fought game last year in Champaign. Our seasons both fell apart and we both fired coaches in the spirit of “Let’s nip this in the bud before we crater.” And they are way, WAY farther along than us right now. Why is that? I don’t think it’s talent – it’s more likely because the upgrade from Dennis Erickson to Todd Graham is more significant than the one from Ron Zook to Tim Beckman. Now take from that what you will – ASU’s Erickson teams were hilariously undisciplined and flushed talent down the drain in a way that would make the Zooker blush. But you could also be forgiven if, watching the game last night, you felt that ASU made a better hire, even if Todd Graham is a sleaze.

But for now, I’ll put away the Jump to Conclusions mat. You’ll note I said there were no positives in this game. The positives were in Charlottesville and Corvallis. The Big Ten sucks this year. And if we can beg, borrow and steal our way into some form of contention this year (and why not?), nobody will remember this abomination in Tempe.

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