I Like Canada More Than a Friend


So last year I took a trip to British Columbia, had an all-around fantastic time, and decided I want to retire to a floating house on Victoria Harbor. Had such a great time that we decided to go back to Canada, but swap the coast for the mountains by visiting Banff National Park in Alberta. Unfortunately, it may have spoiled me for national parks for the rest of my life, since a) it’s likely the most beautiful area I have set foot in and b) Banff town site predates the park itself, it is situated within the park, allowing painless access to the things you want to see and providing excellent lodging options. This is perfect, since while my ideal vacation may involve spending the entire day outside, it also involves returning back to an actual bed and checking on the status of Illinois’ 2013 recruiting class. Anyway, I could not recommend it enough, with the exception of the Banff Hot Springs – I understand that these were big doings back in the 1910s, but now it’s essentially an oversized, dirty public hot tub. Pass.

Also, I had to share this with you – I saw it running as a commercial several times:

Whoa, take it easy, Canada! Let’s back that up a second. First, you weren’t even Canada yet in 1812. That’d be like us giving the French the business for our performance in the French and Indian War. We don’t do that. We give them the business for World War II and 60 years (and counting) of childish petulance, but that’s neither here nor there. Second…I mean c’mon, we’re like best friends. We’ve got the world’s longest border, you totally helped us out with the alcohol hook-up during Prohibition, and even if we’re hogging the Stanley Cup, didn’t we let you win that hockey gold medal? Is this about women’s soccer? Let’s not fight, guys.


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