(Tips Cap to Kerry Wood)


Two things:

1.       This game is 0% less impressive than the day it happened. The most dominant pitching performance I’ve ever seen. He is throwing wiffleballs out there. Watch that final pitch to Derrek Bell. My god.

2.       Who would have ever thought the Astros would trot out a uniform design that, in retrospect, looks even worse than the tequila sunrise unis? Also, because I like you, I wanted to share some of the thought process behind the navy/gray/gold shooting star approach:


“I think these uniforms symbolize the current change this club is undergoing,” general manager Bob Watson told the Houston Chronicle. “They’re very sleek and the star is moving awfully fast. That should give everyone an indication that this club is moving fast and on the rise. This helps us look like champions.”


Moving fast. Like a champion.


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