Just the Absolute Pits

It’s honestly taken me two full days to write about Derrick Rose, because I’ve just been too bummed out. And I know I’m not alone – there was a pall cast over the whole city on Saturday. Obviously, people are sad that the Bulls title chances have shrunk to just more than nonzero, but more than that, they’re sad for Rose. Less so about a basketball player unable to play, and moreso that a guy who’s had a run of bad breaks just took another one, the worst one of them all. And now he doesn’t get to do what he enjoys doing. It sucks. No Olympics. A good chunk of next season gone. Grueling rehab ahead. Terrible for anyone, but for our native son? The pits.

It’s almost neither here nor there, but I think this Bulls team is going to go down swinging even harder than last year, probably going back to the conference finals and probably carving out a place in Chicago basketball lore. But we all just hope #1 gets back someday.


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