And So It Begins




I was able to attend last night’s overall-#1-seed-clinching rout of the Cavs, which featured two pieces of “Is this really happening?” zenmagic. First, Brian Scalabrine’s pregame speech, which, at about 50 seconds, was at least 25 seconds too long:

Look at the Cavs stretching in the background. What are they thinking as that’s going on? How can I remind everyone on a daily basis that I grind just like Brian Scalabrine grinds? Is there a way? I hope so. Anyway, the second was watching Luke Harangody, Luke Walton, and Manny Harris on the floor at the same time. Incredible. Manny went 2-9 and never once took a shot that was on balance. Never change, Manny.

Back in January, I would have been nervous about the Sixers as a first round opponent. Then February happened and they fired off a nice 2-7 stretch, with one of the wins being against Charlotte. Then in April, they had a quality four-game skid where they failed to break 80 twice. So no matter what John Groce Ambassador Evan Turner says, I really don’t have any qualms about Philadelphia.


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