Do you ever watch “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”? There’s usually a moment where things jump from “this is a really concerning situation” to “Oh my God, the odds are actually against us living through this.” It usually involves a hiker realizing he didn’t tell anybody when he planned on coming back, or an injured rafter figuring out that the rescue team will be searching in the wrong place. I’m not at that point yet, but the silence is doing two things – 1) leading me to believe we may be targeting somebody who is still playing and 2) fueling my nightmares that we are going to become Iowa. Don’t get me wrong – Thomas should operate like a ninja on this, especially after how visible the Smart stiff-arm was, but it’s not doing my sanity any favors.


Frank Martin is apparently really interested in the South Carolina job. Which is a crappy job, so I’m sure he’d take ours.

John Groce: Jon Greenberg pointed me to this NYT story on Groce. Nuggets:

Ohio University Coach John Groce once drank nearly five cups of coffee a day. Sometimes, he would chase them with Mountain Dew. The caffeine binges ended a few years ago when he took a trip to the doctor because an eye began to twitch.


“I’m down to two cups a day,” Groce said. “I had to cut back.”

Few have noticed a drop-off in Groce’s energy and enthusiasm. He talks fast. He walks fast. Groce’s assistant coaches joke that he sleeps with his eyes open. 


Groce was also an early believer in analytics and tempo-free statistics. Egelhoff jokes that Groce was into Ken Pomeroy’s Web site “before KenPom was KenPom.” He has carried that over to Ohio, where scouting reports are sprinkled with numbers and assistant coaches need data to back up their arguments. 



Right? After the first page I thought we had found the Ron Zook of Basketball (sleeps with his eyes open, you say? Well, Ron Zook sleeps fast. Your move, Groce). But then the part about stats was DECIDEDLY UN-ZOOKIAN.

Reggie Theus is still getting talked about. There’s an entirely unfounded assumption that hiring him gets you Jabari Parker. But wasn’t that the assumption with Romar, also? And anyone with ties to Duke? If these guys are all coaching somewhere next year, is Jabari Parker going to have a hat ceremony and pick all of them? Come on, people.


Buzz Williams is available to talk!

Johnny Dawkins

Sean Miller

Lorenzo Romar

Jay Wright

Stan Heath

Eddie Johnson is a new addition! Eddie, I love you man, but you haven’t coached anywhere. Literally zero experience. Your Jumpshot and Offensive Skills video doesn’t count (although wouldn’t you absolutely buy that “Jumpshot Club” t-shirt? Because I would.) Can you regale kids with stories of your NBA career if you played for the Kansas City Kings? An 18-year-old would be like “is that a D-League team?”

Jeff Capel is a new addition and omgkillme. Oklahoma fired him and then attempted to hire Bruce Weber.


Anthony Grant really seems to be out, from all indications. Nothing official, but man…bummer.

Josh Pastner Memphis has been out for a full week. We would’ve heard something by now. This probably applies to Wright and Miller, too, but for some reason I feel like Pastner would be a more straightforward deal.

Chris Collins

Tony Bennett

Kevin Stallings

Gregg Marshall

Scott Drew

Chris Mack

Craig Robinson

Brad Stevens

Larry Brown


Shaka Smart

Leonard Hamilton

Jerrance Howard:

(wait – I hear a rescue chopper….BUT IT’S WAY UPSTREAM!)


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