Hey, our President resigned. Just adding to the good times going on in Champaign-Urbana. Also, Northwestern is bringing Bill Carmody back for what I’m sure will be a milquetoast 13th year. So that’s actual good news. I am startled by the lack of anything substantive related to the Illinois opening, though. We might have radio silence throughout the weekend as games start being played again.


Frank Martin is growing on me, and I was already a fan.

Anthony Grant is an enigma. He initially told a source he was not interested, but was immediately included in the conversation as soon as Smart said no, and has stayed there.


Josh Pastner

Johnny Dawkins

Buzz Williams is getting bumped up to “warm” just to make myself feel better. Wish Marquette wasn’t still playing.

Sean Miller: His name is out there. It’s under the radar…but it’s out there. I want to believe. Come back East, Sean.

Lorenzo Romar

John Groce: I feel like I’m selling John Groce short with my lack of enthusiasm for him – by all indications he’s a really good coach and recruiter. It’s just that a relatively unknown coach from the MAC would be greeted with a thud when this program desperately needs a shot in the arm.

Jay Wright: PREACH, Prep Bullseye (scroll down to “The Sleeper”)!

Reggie Theus

Stan Heath is a new addition! And a lukewarm one, at that!


Chris Collins is employing all means at his disposal to pimp himself for this job. I think Mike Thomas knows this, but the only way he should explore Collins is if he wants to see what an actual pitchfork-wielding mob would look like. Sorry, Chris – your buddies Tommy, Quin and Johnny have cast a pretty uninspiring mold of what Duke assistants do once they’re detached from the Leader of Men. Note that – buried in the fifth paragraph, no less – the linked article says nobody from Illinois has contacted Collins.

Leonard Hamilton is talking contract extension with FSU. Thank God.

Tony Bennett

Kevin Stallings

Gregg Marshall

Scott Drew

Chris Mack

Craig Robinson

Brad Stevens

Larry Brown


Shaka Smart

Jerrance Howard


9 thoughts on “#ILCOACHSEARCH: Day 14

  1. I know, he’s actually been a part of some pretty monster recruiting hauls. I just can’t shake the fact that it would lead to more empty seats unless he won immediately, which he probably wouldn’t, if Meyers leaves.

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