#ILCOACHSEARCH: Day 13, Part 2

As promised, Part 2 – now with more depressing content!

I have to say, pretty much all of the information seemed to be coming out of VCU regarding Smart. Mike Thomas runs these things pretty tight. I know I’m certainly guessing at this point simply based on potential options, and I’m not the only one. We’re getting to a point where people seem to be just throwing the name of every not white coach against the wall and seeing if they hit on something, which is kind of embarrassing and awkward.


Frank Martin

Anthony Grant allegedly floated that he’s not interested, but his name has only been mentioned even more frequently since then. We’ll keep him in the mix until he makes an on-the-record statement.


Josh Pastner

Chris Collins

Johnny Dawkins

Sean Miller is moving up to “warm” because he’s done playing and, if Mike Thomas is doing his due diligence, should get a call.

Lorenzo Romar: Ugh. Can we stop with this one?

John Groce

Jay Wright: Again, now that we’re floating big boy money out there, are you telling me Wright couldn’t get pulled out of the Big East? Come on. Come onnnnnnn.

Reggie Theus


Leonard Hamilton apparently is not interested in the job, according to Andy Katz, but also declined to comment publicly, so he’s not officially out. But let’s hope!

Tony Bennett

Kevin Stallings

Gregg Marshall

Buzz Williams

Scott Drew

Chris Mack

Craig Robinson

Brad Stevens

Larry Brown


Shaka Smart says no. Considerable burn. ALionEye sums up why.

Jerrance Howard


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