Shaka Smart: So we went from this Herb Gould piece yesterday – which pretty much laid to rest the silliness that Smart was not even a candidate – to these events today: 


It’s like they’re dancing! But seriously – how weird is the “in 24 hours” statement? Because in all honesty, of the things that can be changed in 24 hours, Illinois sounds willing to change all of them (length of deal, dollars, perks, buyouts, assistant compensation). Champaign is not going to become Richmond in 24 hours and the CPL isn’t going to change in 24 hours. I’m inclined to agree with Bernstein, because if it’s not money or something related to the contract – why not just end the talks now? I’m sure he’s got recruits asking about his status, and his returning players are surely wondering. Odd.

Anthony Grant is just haaaangin around. I hope.

Leonard Hamilton is hopefully not hanging around.


Josh Pastner

Frank Martin could be interested in South Carolina? Why?

Chris Collins

Johnny Dawkins I grouped these two together because they are the hires that would downgrade me to a casual fan, instead of one that watches every game and writes compulsively for free on this here site.

John Groce is getting doe eyes from Nebraska

Jay Wright

Reggie Theus


Tony Bennett

Kevin Stallings

Gregg Marshall like, hasn’t even heard from South Carolina (psst – it’s because they’re checking out Frank Martin!)

Sean Miller

Buzz Williams

Scott Drew

Chris Mack

Lorenzo Romar

Craig Robinson

Brad Stevens

Larry Brown


Jerrance Howard


2 thoughts on “#ILCOACHSEARCH: Day 12

  1. Love Buzz. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see Marquette get bounced so one day he can troll Indiana fans like that.

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