#ILCOACHSEARCH: Days 6 and 7

I felt the need to change the “No Dancing!” group to the Dunzo Group, since some of them have danced but are now….dunzo. No more putt-putt for them. Still organizing guys by their season status, because that’s obviously what determines their ability to be an active candidate.

Also, the Blazers job joined the Knicks job as NBA openings – I don’t think any college coaches would be in play, unless it’s something like Calipari to the Knicks, which couldn’t be until Kentucky is done, which would presumably be late March/early April.


Shaka Smart blew up Twitter because he wore orange and blue tonight. In actual news, I found this nugget in the WSJ interesting, because it was written almost off-the-cuff from a gamewatch in Richmond: “Word on the street in Richmond, or at least the people around me, is that Shaka Smart is heading to Illinois when VCU’s season ends. Will that be tonight or a couple of weeks? And is that rumor true?” I DON’T KNOW, JOURNALIST, GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT.

Chris Collins got the doe eyes treatment from Chicago media today, first “He’ll listen if Illinois calls” (oh! Be still, heart!) from WGN and then “Could Northwestern and Illinois get in a Chris Collins slapfight?” from the Sun-Times. Such laziness. Be better at your jobs, guys. The guy pondering at the bar for the Journal is doing more legwork.

Anthony Grant

Buzz Williams

Kevin Stallings

Scott Drew

Frank Martin

Tony Bennett

Chris Mack

Josh Pastner

Leonard Hamilton is a new addition! 


Lorenzo Romar

Craig Robinson

Brad Stevens


Gregg Marshall

Sean Miller

Reggie Theus

Jay Wright: You’re doing a great job on the in-studio stuff, buddy.

Larry Brown


Jerrance Howard: Even though Mike Thomas has informed him that he is not a candidate, Jerrance wants to stay at Illinois anyway, because Jerrance is fantastic.


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