There’s no point in doing a candidate-by-candidate warm/cold thing until teams start dropping out of the tournament, so right now, the biggest news as it pertains to the Illinois opening are the other jobs that will be open. On that front, BIG news today:

Here was my secret dread that was lurking the last two weeks: UCLA goes Texas A&M football on us, gets rash and fires Ben Howland. They quickly become the top open job. They could pull from anywhere, honestly. It’s UCLA. WOODEN, people. Anyway, the UCLA opening was not the concern – it was the opening they would create when making their choice. Let’s say Thad Matta thinks it would be nice to be in a basketball-first environment. He jumps. Now we’re battling Ohio State. We’re probably losing that battle. So this is a long way of saying it bodes well for us that Ben Howland will be enjoying another year of employment.

Other, not-as-important job openings:

Hey, Gregg Marshall! We know him!

Just including because wow….from coaching at UNC to getting fired by SMU.


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