#ILCOACHSEARCH: Days 3 and 4

Combining days, since yesterday was Selection Sunday and most of these candidates are involved in postseason basketball (sigh). For your reference, I’ve broken them out with helpful pictures to describe their current levels of dance-itude.


Shaka Smart would allegedly be looking for a pretty good pay raise and some long-term assurances if he were to leave VCU. So he’s a lot like, you know, any highly sought candidate for any job, ever. Read this from Jon Greenberg.

Chris Collins

Anthony Grant maybe thinks that Football-loosa comment I made on Day 1 is just as much curse as blessing? Battled into the tournament as a 9-seed and nobody really cares. Watch, they’ll upset UNC and it’ll be a Tide lovefest.

Gregg Marshall is facing Shaka Smart in the opening round! OMG COACH-OFF!

Buzz Williams

Kevin Stallings won the SEC tourney and sobbed into a towel on the bench. I know that feel, bro.

Scott Drew

Frank Martin

Tony Bennett

Chris Mack

Josh Pastner is a new addition!



Sean Miller

Lorenzo Romar won the Pac-12 regular season title and is in the NIT! That happened!

Craig Robinson

Brad Stevens



Jerrance Howard

Reggie Theus is getting a level of discussion that kind of worries me. This is a guy that DePaul said no to, okay? I feel we’re letting that get lost in the shuffle here.

Jay Wright

Larry Brown


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