Old Ads

A pleasantly warmer-than-usual February is still February, and with football over I’m left to watch Illinois basketball continue to death spiral (at Indiana tonight! YAY.), the Blackhawks forget how to play defense or awful Republican presidential candidates slapfight one another. Even the Bulls are making for bad TV because they are kicking so much ass the game is over by the late 2nd quarter. I’m not even making it home in time to see anything competitive if it’s an East Coast game.

So cheer up and pass the time with Old Ads, a Tumblr that makes me incredibly happy every day. For example:


From 1951. This is the bourbon to drink when you’re battling a central bank or overseeing genocide.


When you’re not using it to sterilize a hospital ward or remove grease from an engine, go ahead and put it in your bath!


“That’s right, barkeep. ALL of the whiskey.”


The Pan-American Coffee Bureau had it right in the ‘50s. Coffee is amazing. Stop trying to tell me there’s something bad about having 4-5 cups a day, world, because I am not listening.

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