The Weekend That Was

So much happened – most of it too frustrating or upsetting to be able to write an entire post about.

Illinois basketball “resurgence” quickly turns into “one Brandon Paul lights-out performance temporarily distracting everyone from a tailspin back to the bubble.”

Remember when we honestly never lost at home? We were regularly in the top 2-3 for national home court winning streaks and briefly held the top spot, if I recall correctly. Opposing fans chalked up an “L” when “@ Illinois” was on the schedule. Now? Let’s just say yesterday – January 22nd – was our first sellout of the season (!) and with about 8:00 left in the game, if someone offered me “Gary Williams will get up from the BTN broadcast table and coach Illinois the rest of the game” I would have taken it and the resulting victory so quickly it would make your head spin. Down the stretch, I got the feeling he was half-biting his tongue pointing out Illinois’ fundamental game and clock mismanagement (“You really need to foul here, I’m not sure why they’re going to let the clock run….”), like he was breaking the code of the coach brotherhood by exposing how badly Bruce was botching the game. Not just the Andy Reid-style end of game shenanigans either, but a completely mystifying substitution pattern to boot. I have given up trying to understand what the philosophy of this team is at either end of the floor.

Don’t know if this will make you feel better or worse (actually, yeah I do – definitely “worse”), but facing Wisconsin at home reminded me of this game, back when we drew up plays and executed them at the end of the game:


Newt Gingrich rolls to victory in South Carolina

Not much I can add to this post from a little over a month ago, so I’ll let Radley Balko add to it:


Giants-Patriots, the Rematch!

Let’s all laugh at the Patriots fans talking about how this is their chance to “avenge” Super Bowl 42. No, it’s not. You had a chance to become immortal and peed down your leg. Winning a totally ordinary Super Bowl over the same team several years later is almost completely unrelated because, as the description of this video says, “we kick out the perfect season of patriots”


Edit to add: Joe Paterno Died

You should read FireJerryKill’s take on it.


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