Should’ve Known

“Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in.”
“How could you not realize? You’re stupid! You are a stupid, stupid man!”

I realize those appear in reverse order in the clip above, but no matter. I got pulled back in with the Ohio State win, and for me to entertain the notion that we wouldn’t lose at Penn State means I am a stupid, stupid man. You realize Illinois is 0-5 in its last five games against Penn State as a ranked team. 0-5.
I don’t want to hear this “Hey, life on the road in the Big Ten is tough!” garbage. Yes, it is. That’s why you beat crap teams like PSU, so you can absorb the losses to the better teams with talent. This isn’t like going to Iowa and losing in their armpit of an arena while getting homered by the refs and screamed at by hicks in overalls. This isn’t even losing at Northwestern’s high school gym in front of a 60-40 crowd. Those are heated, challenging environments. That’s when you get to say “hey, the road is tough” and shrug. You don’t get to do it after losing to a shorthanded Penn State team in front of a crowd that could possibly all fit into the same Pizza Hut after the game.
At this point, no intellectually honest person can look at these games and think these Illinois teams have been anything other than poorly prepared and poorly coached. It’s no secret what’s going to happen in these Penn State games. They have been playing out the same way for nearly half a decade. They are going to grind it out, throw some zone in there, and hope for a game in the 30s, if need be (mission accomplished!). You can’t even blame the players, because this has now been going on so long the players have turned over.

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