·         Timing looks to be tomorrow for an announcement

Trending Up

·         Tim Beckman, like a rocket (a Toledo pun!), as Teddy Greenstein went full article on him. I said before #ILCOACHSEARCH even started that this is the sensible, low-risk/potentially high reward move.

Trending Down

·         Todd Monken – it’s unclear if/how much interest was ever here, but it is pretty obvious that he’s going to enter Illinois internet lore as the surefire slam dunk we missed on, even though he’s never been a head coach and has been a very good offensive coordinator for precisely one season. I liked Monken’s upside and Illinois roots, but good lord, to hear it from some fans, future generations will be wondering how we did not pair him with Less-than-God-but-more-than-a-Man Vic Koenning and win 6 national titles in a row.

·         Kevin Sumlin (who may have turned down a veritable crapload of cash from us)


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