#ILCOACHSEARCH – Day 10 (In Which Illinois Fans Start Getting Dumb)

Since Illinois is already telling its beat writers not to expect anything for today or tomorrow (see below), this would be a good time to reality-check some of the dolts making their voices known throughout the messageboard-o-sphere:

·         “As soon as possible” is not a synonym for “when the hire can legally be made” – people that are fretting about being “past the deadline” of yesterday at 5 p.m. (a “deadline” that was, incidentally, set by nobody) are crazy. There’s now widespread consensus that, because a hire was not made in such short order that it would’ve thumbed its nose at the posting requirements, something has gone horribly wrong. Good God, people.

·         On the topic of the job posting (which has now been extended to remain open until 11:59 on Thursday), it’s not a significant component of the search.

·         Hey, I like Vic Koenning. He’s the best defensive coordinator Illinois has had since the early ‘90s. But those of you thinking that a coaching candidate’s likelihood of retaining him should play a role in who gets hired are out of your minds. It’d be great if he stayed – he’s good at his job. But you don’t kneecap your new football coach by attempting to take one of his most important decisions away from him right out of the gate.

·         Speaking of Vic Koenning, there’s a contingent that wants to just make him head coach. Although that worked fantastically with Lou Tepper*, let’s remember he took an average Wyoming program and went 5-29. If Paul Chryst can (I think correctly) be suspected of being a “better coordinator than head coach” guy purely on spec, why don’t 34 games of evidence count against Vic?

·         This tweet was a joke.

·         Coaches using other schools as leverage to get better offers is not “getting played.” It is “the world.”  


*Not a true statement



·         No announcement was expected today, and none are expected tomorrow, which would indicate to me that people need to be traveling somewhere. If it’s only numbers that are being hashed out, I’d be surprised the DIA would be ruling out entire business days preemptively.

·         Jackassery continues at ASU. June Jones is…going back to SMU, I guess?

·         Just click on this, I don’t want to spoil it.

Trending Up

·         Todd Monken, if only because he makes a lot of sense, and because being the OSU offensive coordinator is apparently the thing to do if you want to go somewhere else and go to BCS games. He was in Rochester visiting Wes Lunt, but didn’t indicate interest in Illinois, which some people took to mean “omg he’s not in the mix” but I took it to mean “he’s acting like a professional.”


·         Kevin Sumlin, who should be “Trending Down” (because he’s in at A&M….but isn’t…but is meeting with his team tonight….to tell them nothing), save for word of a BIDDING WAR between Illinois and Texas A&M! If this is the case, I don’t see us winning, because Texas A&M is out of their minds and spastically fired Mike Sherman for their SEC debutante party. Regardless, I’m happy if we’re going punch-for-punch.


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