#ILCOACHSEARCH – Days 6 and 7

It was fun to actually watch some college football on Saturday, as opposed to speculate about it. Watching football today was considerably less fun. Oh well. The end of the Bears season was offset by the combined-under-.500 magic of the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl! (No, it wasn’t)


Trending Up

  • Kevin Sumlin, since UCLA and ASU have dropped out of the race, and Friday Night Lights-style craziness and immaturity has broken out at Texas A&M. Can we sneak in there?
  • Todd Monken feels like he’s going to be a head coach somewhere. Illinois makes a lot of sense.


  • Tim Beckman is just lurking. Quietly.
  • Paul Chryst
  • Pat Narduzzi
  • Bud Foster
  • Kirby Wilson

Trending Down

  • Is anybody? Feels like all bets are off right now with the weirdness happening west of here.


  • Butch Jones
  • Steve Addazio
  • Greg Schiano
  • Mike Leach

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