Developments (Major or otherwise)

·         Holy crap, rumors that Mack Brown may retire.

·         I consider the fact that Mike Thomas has a blog and wrote this on it to be a significant indicator about just how different he is from Ron Guenther, who would hole up silently in his office for nine months before summoning forth Loren Tate and telling him what column to write.


Trending Up

Butch Jones has spurred some message board buzz simply by his coachspeak non-answer answer re: his future (“My dream job is my current job.”), but that’s about it. Internet high five to the writer of that linked piece for describing Brian Kelly’s ambition as “stark, raving naked.” Is there anyone in college football that is more clearly a jerk than Brian Kelly?



Paul Chryst has spurred Illinois to deny that Mike Thomas was not on a university plane that went from Champaign to Madison. Which means nothing. We have phones now, you know. And other modes of transportation.

Todd Monken

Kirby Wilson

Pat Narduzzi

Steve Addazio (NO!)

Bud Foster


Trending Down

Kevin Sumlin now has some good Twitter smoke (can I trademark that phrase?) on a deal with ASU, although it’s admittedly one-way and may have pissed him off.

Tim Beckman

Willie Taggart (Again, Tim and Willie are relegated here because the only mention of small school HCs was in the Herb Gould piece where a “source” scoffed at the notion – I like the attitude, but I think both of these guys could be good coaches)



Greg Schiano

Mike Leach



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