You can apply for the job!

Major Developments

·         Tom Bradley will be coaching Penn State through their bowl game; could affect the Dan Mullen timeline

·         Ole Miss appears to have offered Larry Fedora


Trending Up

Kirby Wilson – Steelers RB coach, played at Illinois, has been in the NFL long enough that he coached Keith Byars; this feels like a bad idea

Todd Monken – Oklahoma State OC and Wheaton native. I would give this a solid thumbs up.

Pat Narduzzi – I know I was down on him yesterday, but if my inner monologue alter ego Robert at ALionEye is on board, I could be swayed



Kevin Sumlin is not talking to you or anybody.


Trending Down

Tim Beckman

Willie Taggart (WKU HC)

Both based on pretty much nothing but this Herb Gould story that says Illinois is not shopping at the likes of the MAC store. I kind of like them both, though.



Mike Leach appears to have agreed to be the next coach at Wazzu, and Illinois apparently didn’t talk to him anyway

Greg Schiano


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