Major Developments

·         The Jaguars have fired Jack Del Rio.

·         Memphis has fired Larry Porter.

·         Washington State looks like they are ready to fire Paul Wulff.

·         Shannon Ryan at the Trib put together a list of potential candidates based on a “source” – Pat Narduzzi (Mich St. DC), Greg Schiano (Rutgers HC) and Tim Beckman (Toledo HC).


Trending Up

Tim Beckman – looks like there’s some unanimous smoke here – I think I still feel good about him, but there is some feedback trickling out of Rocket country that reminds me of our former coach.

Bud Foster (Virginia Tech DC) – he’s from Nokomis and maybe doesn’t want to wait around for Frank Beamer to retire

Paul Chryst (Wisconsin OC) – several sources are reporting Chryst and Mike Thomas have spoken or plan to speak; everything I’ve read about Chryst indicates to me that he is a “better off as a coordinator” guy (likes to spend time at home, recruiting averse, etc.). I don’t blame him – that’s how I would be if I was a coach, recruiting sounds f’ing awful. Still, I’m getting Ron Turner flashbacks.

Pat Narduzzi – Just because he’s being mentioned (see above). He marks the first name that elicits a “Do not want” out of me (unless Steve Addazio was/is a candidate, then Narduzzi would be the second).



Mike Leach – I would expect him to sit back and survey the landscape. He’d be crazy not to. Kansas seems to think he wants back into the Big XII enough to sign on to that crapshow, but Arizona State feels like too good of a fit for him for that to not work out, provided somebody doesn’t drop the ball.


Trending Down

Kevin Sumlin – says he hasn’t heard from Illinois yet. On the one hand, it’s totally acceptable to let a coach finish out his regular season, which Sumlin will do with the C-USA title game this week. On the other, I’d be surprised if other suitors haven’t let him know, officially or unofficially, that they’re looking to speak with him.

Greg Schiano – said he’s not interested. Good, because I wasn’t either. Have fun being .500 in whatever remains of the Big East.



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