Coach searches are crazy. Need proof? Read this story, about Kansas fans and media that staked out an airport in Lawrence due to the simple fact that there was an incoming flight from Key West. Of course, it was just people returning from Florida, as is the norm in the fall/winter, but coachsearch logic demands that any flight leaving the Florida Keys has an 85% or better chance of carrying Mike Leach. It’s science.  


I thought it would be fun to do a daily post, since things will likely move quickly now that the season is over.


Major Developments

UCLA and Arizona State canned Rick Neuheisel and Dennis Erickson, respectively. What does that mean for us?


Trending Down

Kevin Sumlin – Arizona State is eerily similar to Illinois, except in the Southwest. I’ve got to imagine they’d look to Sumlin, and I’d have to also imagine his level of comfort in that region exceeds his comfort in the Big Ten, even though he played here.

Mike Leach – My gut tells me both UCLA and Arizona State are on par with the Illinois opportunity, and closer to his old Texas Tech stomping grounds. I wish either of those programs were closer to rock bottom so we’d have more of an edge in the “win now” category


Trending Up

Tim Beckman – Still solid

Butch Jones – Kind of by default, but up is up

Paul Chryst – I didn’t mention him yesterday, and am not sure if there’s interest on either side (he turned down the Purdue job when it was open, and Mike Thomas sounds like he’s inclined to lean more towards other head coaches)

Jim Tressel – Yeah? Why not?

Mark Stoops – Sounds like he’s one of the coordinators that most of the ADs with open jobs will be looking at


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