Rational Discussion at #OWS

Well, sort of. Some of it – maybe half of it – sounds like every political conversation I’ve ever had at a bar.

Personal favorite: “Who ended slavery?! The government or corporations?” Better question: Who started slavery?

Also, who is the woman claiming to be part of the 1% yet paying 10% in taxes?

2 thoughts on “Rational Discussion at #OWS

  1. As is so often the case, this is a falsely framed debate. We’ve managed to oversimplify it into two conveniently defined, black-and-white, easy-to-understand categories that allow us to pick a side and accuse the other of being full of shit:”It’s all the government’s fault!!!””No, it’s all the corporations’ fault!!!”Are we really so naive as to think that it’s just one or the other? That BOTH don’t have some role in creating the disaster we face right now? I fully agree with the guy doing the interview when he says that all people are greedy. Yes, we are — and that means politicians, government bureaucrats, CEOs, corporate lobbyists, and everyone else. We’re all greedy, and we’re all human beings — those who are involved in the public AND private sectors. We’ll always look for ways to screw over each other for personal gain. That’s human nature.That’s why libertarians are off the mark when they say that our economy would be fine if government would just keep its hands off. And that’s why socialists are off the mark when they suggest that governmental intervention can solve all our problems. Both are ridiculous oversimplifications, and both illustrate why it’s dangerous to “pick sides” on complex issues like the U.S. economy.Capitalism on its face isn’t evil, but unregulated capitalism can be. Someone needs to police corporations to make sure they don’t exploit their workers or consumers or engage in anti-competitive practices. In the same way, someone needs to police unions to ensure that they don’t turn into bullies (which they have in many instances). And yes, government needs to be policed. That’s where democracy and civic involvement come into play. But don’t try to argue that any one of those groups is solely to blame.One more point: This guy says he created 150 jobs all by himself. No, he didn’t. Remember Elizabeth Warren’s speech?And he’s got his history wrong. He says FDR “caused” the Great Depression. Never mind that FDR became president after the Great Depression had already been going on for several years.

  2. I agree with most of what you’re saying here. Although I’d usually err on the side of less involvement on the public side, I’m not an anarchist. But like you said, the debate is so falsely framed at this point (see “the recent crisis was caused by an unregulated market run amok” crowd) it’s almost comical. For Elizabeth Warren, I’ve got some issues regarding her POV (http://mattcoldagelli.com/the-small-print-on-elizabeth-warrens-social-c)It’s not technically correct to say FDR “caused” the Great Depression, but you could make the argument that he took a depression and made it The Depression (http://mattcoldagelli.com/the-birth-of-the-next-big-economic-lie).

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