We Are Who We Thought We Were


There’s not much to say. Everything has reverted back to August, when we were a team that could maybe be okay and take advantage of a good schedule. We’re still that. That also looks to be our ceiling because we can’t”

·         Run the ball effectively

·         Take care of the ball reliably

·         Even begin to think about winning the field position battle, lest somebody slap us

·         Win the field position battle

That’s not a winning formula. Not most places, and especially not in the Big Ten. The good news is that our defense is pretty good, but said turnovers and special teams woes keep putting them in untenable situations. So we might go 1-5. We might win a surprise game. Whatever. We finally scheduled like thinking adults and are going to back-to-back bowls.

Switching gears – baseball has been exponentially more fun since the season ended, what with these things happening:

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