It’s been a long time since a Timekillers post! To wit:



I’ve had The Head and The Heart album for awhile and still find myself going back to it and listening all the way through.



I did the equivalent of a dead sprint through four seasons and am just now fully caught up on Breaking Bad. Holy crap.


I usually don’t include movies in these, because most movies suck, but I really enjoyed The Conspirator. Not surprising, given my history nerdery, I know, but beyond that, it was really well done. They could’ve really Hollywood-ized it (and were probably tempted to) and I felt they didn’t. Check it out.



I still like this show (because it’s about a zombie apocalypse, which I find entertaining), but I’m starting to realize just how thin the writing is. And it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if some of the characters were eaten by zombies, so they’re probably not being developed in a meaningful way. Oh well. No matter what happens, it won’t do me wrong like The Killing did (knocks on wood).

On deck:


I’m cautiously optimistic. But then again, it’s a railroad Western set in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War. It will probably have to suck hard to lose me. Of course, that sets me up for a scenario where I’m all in, but nobody else is, and it gets cancelled. I’m willing to take the chance.



Just excellent. Set aside some quality time for this if you get the chance.



I’ve heard good things – excited to jump into this.




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