“It’s Not Perfect”…But It’s Close, @GoRemy

Start your Friday with Remy’s Occupy Wall Street protest song:

He does a much better (and folksier) job of summing up my beef with these people – I really hope nobody in the Middle East is watching American students protest the interest on their loans. They probably aren’t, because they have to worry about their own government shooting at them and things like that, but on the off-chance they are, I’m pretty embarrassed.

Hey, you want to protest crony capitalism? The privatizing of profit while losses are socialized? I’m with you – that’s not the free market. The thing is, you’re about 230 miles northeast of where you need to be.

2 thoughts on ““It’s Not Perfect”…But It’s Close, @GoRemy

  1. When it’s old people complaining about the debt that is largely caused by their entitlement programs? Absolutely. They’d be a lot more credible if they were really about smaller government – instead it feels more like they want the government small when they don’t like who/what it is, but fine with it being any size when they do. Just like OWS would be a lot more credible if it was really about cronyism and not about people blindly wanting to tar and feather “corporations” as the source of all ills.

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