The Weekend That Was


So that was unexpected. I guess I should’ve learned last year to just stop trying to figure this team out (a lesson Bill Barnwell should just embrace, instead of this trying-way-too-hard analysis on Grantland). I – and nearly everybody else – looked at the schedule and said “9-7 with some breaks, 7-9 without ‘em.” Which could still easily happen. But hell, if you can get pressure and take the ball away, you can beat anybody. Back to “whatever, just along for the ride” we go!

Things I will always like, no matter who they are against: 56-3 wins. Things get interesting next week, though.

I feel compelled to talk about 9/11, even though I really have nothing to say. Being a general geek about history, I was planning to watch a fair share of documentaries, because that is what geeks do. But I immediately learned that I could not pull anything “out” of the deluge of media coverage. Not closure, not value, not perspective. Everything just made me sad. Not just reliving the awfulness of the events themselves, but in thinking about how they changed our country and the world, and not really for the better. So I didn’t really watch them. I don’t feel like I missed out.

2 thoughts on “The Weekend That Was

  1. I don’t know if you listened to the BS Report with Barnwell, but he (and Simmons) has already decided that the Bears aren’t worth talking about (read between the lines: they think Cutler sucks) and will do anything to continually frame that narrative. Simmons at least might embrace the wrongness, I get the feeling Barnwell just isn’t that type.Could be a rough one this week if Carimi and Webb play like they did yesterday.Also, Henry Melton?

  2. It really seemed like he was trying to force the Bears/Lions comparison, if for no other reason than that they were NFC North teams playing NFC South teams. I’ll grant him that it’s slightly out of the ordinary to recover EVERY fumble, but saying an Atlanta recovery of any of them automatically = game change is to ignore that the Falcons’ offense was sputtering before and after all of them.

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