Rick Perry, Gladiator

I didn’t watch the GOP debate last night, but apparently, this happened:

WTF? How creepy is that? Apparently, the mere mention of killing over 200 people still allows you to win the crowd. Somewhere, Proximo is smiling.

For people who claim to be wary of government, it’s unsettling to see how eagerly Republicans embrace state executions. Especially when our capital punishment system in this country is exactly like every other government entity: massive and unwieldy, more expensive than alternatives, and prone to complete failures (read: executing innocent people).

Truth be told, I’ve pretty much made my peace with our state-by-state solution. It lets me know which states to think twice about living in. I don’t have any plans to be involved in any violent crimes, but since we’ve got an imperfect system that kills innocent people with alarming frequency, I’d also have to be vigilant about not ever being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or looking like someone who was. I’ve got enough stress.

For more, here’s The League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

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