Cubs Fire Hendry. I Stare Blankly Onward.

Is this what total apathy is? The Cubs announced the firing of Jim Hendry today, the guy that’s been the GM of my team since I was 11, and I shrugged and said “Fair.”

Is there a better response? Over those 17 years, the Cubs amassed one more win than loss. They had one fluky, feel-good playoff appearance (1998), one genuinely talented, well-put together team that indelibly scarred me for life (2003) and two supremely frustrating playoff flops (2007, 2008). Everything else was forgettable. Hendry should get credit for taking the risks that he did. Some paid off. A lot didn’t.

That’s how it goes. I’ve got nothing else. I’ll just continue to watch Starlin Castro cruise to 200 hits.


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