Love Thy Neighbor

I’ve just returned from an excellent, quasi-unplugged visit to our neighbor to the north. I say “quasi” because I wasn’t off the grid in the woods or anything, but did pretty much tune out everything except Canadian papers/TV. So if you’re looking to talk about the interim opposition leader’s sordid-ish past with the Bloc Quebecois, I’m your guy, but I’ve got some catching up to do on things like what appears to be a lame debt deal, only slightly less lame signings of Cowboy leftovers by the Bears, and a near freefall by my fantasy baseball team (Thanks, Gio!).

I was in British Columbia, which is almost jarringly beautiful:


Clayoquot Sound, near Tofino, BC


West End, Vancouver

While Vancouver’s a gorgeous, wonderfully diverse city, my favorite place may have been Victoria, the provincial capital. I’ll kill two birds with one stone and share the War Memorial there (I totally dorked out on the WWI memorials – the war gets such short shrift in the US, and is such a critical part of history for the Dominions and understandably so – some of the casualty lists are frightening, especially for small towns):


Victoria, BC

You can see the legislature building behind it, which looks like something out of a European capital and overlooks the harbor. Finally, there was Tim Horton’s, which turned me into a brand ambassador after two visits. It’s a magical combination of the best of Dunkin’ Donuts and Burger King breakfast. Hence this travel mug, festooned with geese:


It’s good to be back home though, with our Fahrenheit temperatures, miles and gallons, and coins in their proper place as a sub-dollar underclass.


2 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbor

  1. I’m with you on Victoria. Not saying that Vancouver isn’t a great city — it is — but Victoria is obviously far more manageable in size, very walkable, and has plenty of attractions of its own. I’ve taken the ferry over there from Seattle a number of times. They say it’s the “retirement capital” of Canada due to its geographical setting and moderate climate (relative to the rest of the country).Next time, you should head south and check out Washington. Our jagged mountains and rugged coastal isles don’t disappoint (well, at least not during this time of year).

  2. I may have to eventually move to the Northwest – the climate is just perfect (of course, everyone up there dared me to say that in fall/winter after about 40 consecutive days of rain, but still…)

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