The Summer of Our Discontent


Hey, Cubs fans! With basketball and hockey now over, here’s what we have to look forward to the rest of the summer:

1.       Maybe beating the White Sox over the next two weeks

2.       Starlin Castro coming off the bench in the All Star Game

3.       College football

Awesome. Good time for the Bears to possibly not even have a season. While we’re talking about depressing disappointment, let’s touch on last night’s finale of The Killing. I started out really high on this show and then more or less gave it the benefit of the doubt as it lost its fastball over the course of the season – I figured at least I was going to get a sharp, put-together ending that brought everything together. Instead we got, at best, a predictable yet unfulfilling cliffhanger/red herring and at worst, an indication that we’ve been jerked around for the entire season (if Holder is manipulating the case for some unnamed entity, how much other evidence is fake?).

It’s gotten to the point where I don’t care about who the killer is for any other reason than I don’t currently know. There’s been nothing really invested in Rosie (she hasn’t even really been discussed as more than a murder victim since Bennet was cleared), a bunch of stray threads of plot (some of which are still just dangling – remember Stan’s mob ties?) and only one real character has been developed – Holder – who now is revealed to be something else entirely, anyway. So we’re back to square one, essentially, which is kind of fitting considering that lead that resulted in the (fraudulent) “nail” in the coffin was there all along (how did it take them 13 days to realize the significance of the campaign car being driven 120 miles that night?). Weak sauce.

Will I watch next year? I dunno – if it’s on in the summer again, maybe, just because there’s not a lot out there. Can Mad Men and The Walking Dead come back, please?  


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