Last night, I – along with 98% of you, the world at large – sat and smiled the sweet smile of satisfied contentment as the Heat finally crumbled the way we always felt they should: overmatched by a deeper team that came at them in waves and from all angles. Who could’ve known that in the end it would be Jason Terry to deliver the final blow? Actually, we all knew – not Jason Terry specifically, but we felt that it had to be someone of his ilk, someone who provided that extra option that the Heat could never have because they banked on being able to win 3-on-8 (10, really – Brian Cardinal? Seriously?) when the chips were down. They were wrong.

Maybe things make a little more sense now when it comes to LeBron. I know I wasn’t alone in being dumbstruck as I watched him give up the ball to Mario Chalmers down the home stretch of an elimination Finals game. But maybe this is proof once and for all that he’s just not in the mold of the Jordan/Bird/(lesser extent) Kobe ubercompetitor, and we should stop trying to put him there. Those guys wanted to win so badly that they almost couldn’t have functional social relationships. That’s not how LeBron is. That’s why he’s able to join one of his biggest in-conference competitors. That’s why he was able to take just three (!) shots over the final six and a half minutes. He’s just not wired like those guys. Most people aren’t. Now, did he make his own bed on this one? That’s up for debate. But for right now, I’m going to enjoy what is easily the best schadenfreude championship since this happened:


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