I’ll Take Some of the Blame

Derrick Rose walks off the floor after losing to the Heat in Game 5.
Brazenly taunting karma, I basically said “real bench players aren’t walking through that door!” after Game 1. Then Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller (!) became real bench players. Then I begrudingly admitted that playoff experience was tipping the scales, and then the Bulls gave the starkest reminder yet of what can happen when one team seeks out the clutch moments, and the other shrinks from them. It’s a crushing loss, to be sure, but it’s hard to be too upset. Mostly because this was a team that overachieved all year, played almost homicidally hard all the time, and, hopefully, is primed for the future.
I’ve been fortunate enough to be a party to two legitimate NBA blood feuds, with the Pistons and the Knicks, the latter of which involved my favorite series, ever:
I can only hope that we’re at the beginning of a third. And that it follows the Detroit script, not the New York one. I enjoyed every bit of the ride, 2010-11 Bulls; I can’t believe you’re leaving me with just the Cubs.

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