It was hard enough that the Rapture didn’t happen (although looks like we get another shot on October 21 – mark your calendars!). But a Bulls loss and Mitch Daniels punting on a Presidential run? Tough weekend.

It’s hard to be upset with someone for holding the unquestionably correct position that running for President is not a positive experience for one’s family, but with Daniels leaving me and a whole host of others disappointed, the GOP field now feels like a bunch of guys competing to be Bob Dole: The Remix (wait, was this Bob Dole: The Remix? I’m uncertain. And uncomfortable.). Looks like it’s time to start hoping Gary Johnson can seize some momentum, which is above the Rapture on the likelihood scale, but only slightly.

For the Bulls, it’s stating the obvious, but they’ve got to have Game 4. Not only to avoid going down 3-1, but this is a chance to get the likes of Mike Bibby and Udonis Haslem on one day’s rest (remember when I wrote “Miami can’t acquire non-stiffs to fill out their roster sometime between now and Wednesday”? I blame myself for Haslem not only playing again but deciding to shoot 90% from the field.) – an opportunity the deeper team in the series can’t allow to slip past. It’d be easy to be down on their chances for the series, but after Game 1 everyone had the Bulls running away with this series in 5 games.


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