No, I don’t mean out of sadness – I mean because that game actually almost broke my heart – the organ. When it was over, I had to just sit on my couch for a half hour, winding down, decompressing. There was no use in attempting going to bed.

I’m gonna take a quick timeout to thank these Blackhawks for two of the most insane, unlikely goals you are likely to see in an entire lifetime, and I was able to see them in back-to-back years. This one:

and now this one:



Part of a title is defending it. And as much as I was resigned to chalk up a four- or five-game first round exit to, you know, this team not being incredibly good, and settling into the post-title grace period…..it was an awesome four-game ride. When you’re the champ, you want to be dispatched kicking and screaming. Like these guys:


Not like these guys:


In the end, a civic disaster may have been averted in Vancouver. You know when people say a loss will destroy a franchise/ put their fanbase on suicide watch? Most of the time, that’s like 85-90% hyperbole. I think in this instance, it may have been only 20-30%. Read this. Then consider that it was written before dormant-all-series Jonathan Toews beat signed-for-11-more-years-what-did-we-get-ourselves-into franchise goalie Roberto Luongo for a shortie with under 2:00 left in Game 7. If the Hawks win in OT, it’s like some bizarro sports movie ending where the home crowd is so emotionally gutted they don’t even have the willpower to riot or burn stuff. I can’t imagine a crueler, more soul-crushing scenario.


But I would have loved to see it. Go Preds.



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