Nice work, @redeyechicago.

What’s the answer to the Canucks’ goalie situation? Luongo appear to be a mess. Schneider appear to be hurt, and if he’s not – stellar work on that 5-on-3 aside – he more or less assisted on the first two Hawk goals of the night. Either way, Tuesday night should be full of good vibes in the Pacific Northwest, right Vancouver Sun?

Vancouver had a 35-33 edge in shots, but that didn’t tell the full story. Including 19 missed shots and 31 Blackhawk blocks, the Canucks launched 85 pucks towards the Chicago net.

But still they didn’t win, which is the problem. Because playing so well and not beating a Blackhawk team that is making the playoff elimination of the Canucks an annual rite of spring, naturally makes you wonder if Vancouver will ever beat them.

Don’t say that thought hasn’t crossed your mind.

It would be naïve to think it hasn’t occurred to Canuck players, too.

“No matter what [crest] is on the front of their jersey, they’re a tough team to play against,” defenceman Dan Hamhuis said. “They forecheck hard, they’ve got a lot of great players and they’ve made it tough on us the last three games. They’re playing really well right now.

“We’re pretty positive with the way things went. We didn’t get the win, but we got our game back. If we play 60 minutes of that kind of hockey, we’ll give ourselves a really good chance to win Game 7.”

They gave themselves no chance to win Games 4 or 5, and frittering away opportunities to advance in the playoffs is a reckless extravagance few teams can afford. In the Canucks’ case, it is especially bewildering considering they’ve never won anything.

Oof. And that’s the tame stuff – check out the comments for people truly on the ledge. It’s hard to imagine a more fatalistic, neurotic, negative energy-packed home arena that the one that’s waiting for Vancouver on Tuesday.


Wait, actually, it’s not that hard.



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