“IN” on Military Tribunals

Dahlia Lithwick at Slate hits a tape measure home run on the latest addition to the ever-expanding list of reasons why Barack Obama’s Presidential autobiography could easily be titled Decision Points 2. To wit:

Say what you want about how Congress forced Obama’s hand today by making it all but impossible to try the 9/11 conspirators in regular Article III courts. The only lesson learned is that Obama’s hand can be forced. That there is no principle he can’t be bullied into abandoning. In the future, when seeking to pass laws that treat different people differently for purely political reasons, Congress need only fear-monger and fabricate to get the president to cave. Nobody claims that this was a legal decision. It was a political triumph or loss, depending on your viewpoint. The rule of law is an afterthought, either way.


You would think people would get worked up about yet another fairly large tenet of the Yes We Can campaign tumbling down, but LOOK OVER HERE YOU CAN BE “IN” ON FACEBOOK ZOMG! YES! SHINY THINGS!



3 thoughts on ““IN” on Military Tribunals

  1. This is absurd. If by “Obama’s hand can be forced” she’s means that “the President has respect for Constitutional principles of separation of powers,” and “does not ignore directives of Congress that, by law, he is forced to follow,” then I will give her credit. If by that she means ANYTHING else, it is meritless and ridiculous.

  2. Unless we’re bombing Libyans, right?Either way, I’ll defer to a post over at The Crossed Pond that sums things up pretty nicely (http://thecrossedpond.com/2011/04/04/another-letter-to-andrew-sullivan-2/):In all these things – Gitmo, torture prosecutions, Libya, indefinite detention, and essentially, by proactive action , cementing the entire Bush legacy on executing This Endless War – it is okay to note that standing up for an ideal would be hard. That’s certainly true. But it must then also be noted that in every single case, it being hard has pushed Obama off the ideal entirely. When it comes to the decision matrix of “Difficult but Right” or “Wrong but Easy”, Obama chooses “Wrong but Easy”, every time.

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