Zaarly is the Awesomeness of Trade

So SXSW has been going on for like five minutes, but it seems as if Zaarly may be that one thing that all the tech writers totally freak out about this year. Normally, that would make me want to avoid it at all costs, but I can’t help myself, because it puts trade in a microcosm and at your fingertips (and on the 235th anniversary of The Wealth of Nations, no less). And trade is awesome. Look:

So all those times when you half-jokingly say you’d pay $10 for someone to bring you a coffee? Walk the walk, friend. It’s like a reverse Craigslist meeting eBay. And, like those services, it’s really doing nothing but realizing that we are all buyers and sellers – but until recently it was hard to know who is selling and who is looking to buy. Helping to remove that mystery lets us make the exchanges that produce winners on both sides (fighting off a Charlie Sheen reference) and make them more frequently.

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