“These losses stay with me, Jerry. They fester.”


Just a stinging loss all around. The toughest to take since the Cubs in 2003, I think. The Packers winning the Halas Trophy at Soldier Field was a special kind of awful.

I said earlier this game presented a chance for Jay Cutler to win the city – I didn’t think the polar opposite would even be on the table. Now we’ll have meatballs forever castigating him for this game because he wasn’t “tough” enough (people really burned his jersey?).

I admit, the trauma of the Todd Collins experience piqued my frustration, too. I even retweeted that if Cutler can stand on the sideline, he should play. This is, of course, stupid. I have a friend that can stand, walk run and dance badly in a perpetual ACL-less state – he can’t move laterally or cut quickly though, both of which are prerequisites to quarterbacking an NFL offense.

 I know you may have played on a bum knee all season, MJD; but you also helped my fantasy team to 1-12 and watched the playoffs, so maybe the “toughness uber alles” approach has some tradeoffs.

Anyway, this one hurts – it’s so hard to get to the conference title game, and getting back is never easy (right, Vikings and Saints?). Add to that the Bears’ good luck with injuries, and you have to wonder what next year holds.


2 thoughts on ““These losses stay with me, Jerry. They fester.”

  1. Incredibly disappointing because of the nature of the game, but I didn’t think they were going to win, so it’s not quite ’03 Cubs level for me. Unfortunately, I have multiple KU low points to more than cover me on that level…I’d rather Cutler had thrown 5 INTs than deal with this macho meatball garbage that might NEVER go away. People want to make this like Pippen’s 1.8 second refusal, which of course, it isn’t. Even before he left the game, Cuter wasn’t really at fault. His INT was an underthrow, but not some unholy pass. Yes, he forced it, but if it had a little more touch, it was 6. Nothing went right for the Bears. Nothing. In perhaps one of the luckiest seasons a team could probably have, it all evaporated immediately after Cornelison belted out the anthem. Martz had some baffling play calls, the call not to go for the 49 yd FG, the iffy special teams, etc.tl;dr, but considering the fact that I didn’t think the Bears would even sniff the playoffs this season, it was a fun(ish) ride. Just really, really, REALLY sucks to lose the way they did at home…to the Packers of all teams.

  2. Yeah, short of a Super Bowl where he helicopters into the endzone Elway-style FTW, it’s hard to imagine what could absolve him of the cardinal meatball sin of inadequate toughness.

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