All Risk/All Reward


Negative temperatures aside, it’s fun to be in the city today. You can feel the anticipation like the slow clacks of the chain pulling you up a rollercoaster. It’s the unprecedented, no-going-back feeling that should accompany this game, which is hands-down the biggest that these franchises could ever play (I’d say excluding Super Bowls, but that’s debatable – if the Packers were to lose, would their fans stew on this game longer than losing to Elway’s Broncos? Same with the Bears and the Colts. I say yes to both.) It’s as if you’ve battled your neighbor passive-aggressively for decades, and all of a sudden you decide to arm wrestle – winner gets both houses.

Jay Cutler could win the city. He’s probably “meh” about it, but beating the Packers to get to the Super Bowl is about the fastest route to “Lifetime Pass” territory. It would keep us from having to hear mouthbreathing meatballs talk about how much they hate when the Bears do that newfangled forward pass, so I guess I’m selfishly seeing what I would gain out of the deal. This isn’t really a factor for the Packers, of course, since wearing the uniform makes you an instant deity throughout the state of Wisconsin. Just ask Mark Chmura.

There’s really no extra rationalizing to be done, no excuses that the loser will be able to lean on – did anybody expect the Bears in this game at the start of the season? No, but they’ve also been able to stay home throughout the playoffs. Lots of people expecting Green Bay to be here, but injuries/stumbles led to them being the six seed. These teams played each other tight twice – it’s a true rubber match.

I’m feeling good. Look at that picture. Whose side would you want to be on?


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