The Weekend That Was

I’d like to thank the Bulls, Blackhawks and Illini football for the rare/always awesome Friday night triple fail. The first two were just relatively pedestrian regular season losses against good teams (the Celtics and Canucks, respectively), but the third? I mean, anytime you can take a matchup that’s already serves no purpose (December?) and is lose-lose at best and move it two time zones away on a Friday night, you’ve gotta jump on that, right? This is not a new thought, but it seemed particularly relevant when we were down 16-0 in the first quarter:


Oh well, no matter. The Illini are headed where they likely were going even if they had won, the Texas Bowl against Baylor (the 25th best bowl, if you didn’t know), which is going to be totally awesome.*

But all was made right on Saturday, when the basketball team went to Seattle and gave Gonzaga their rightful comeuppance for daring to beat us at the United Center last year. It wouldn’t be hard to make the argument that the second half of that game was the best Illinois basketball has looked since late in the 2005-06 season. Brandon Paul agrees:


Good stuff. Good enough to be Team of the Week.

*not a true statement


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