I, along with the rest of humanity, really enjoyed the Heat’s second consecutive home loss, a 112-107-but-not-really-that-close handling by the Celtics. The only person who enjoyed it more would be Adrian Wojnarowski, who made a habit of destroying LeBron following “The Decision” and is keeping up an impressive pace:


The world’s bearing down, times are tumultuous, and James is the one Heat star in playoff form.

“For myself, 44 minutes is too much,” James declared. “I think Coach Spo knows that. Forty minutes for D-Wade is too much. We have to have as much energy as we can to finish games out.”

There you go, Coach Spo.

Get to know him well.

Two days earlier, James had done nothing in overtime and ultimately decided the difference was a Hall of Fame coach, Jerry Sloan, who knew exactly what the Heat were going to do. James never takes responsibility, never says, “I’m the MVP and I need to do more.” He didn’t do it in Cleveland, and he’s never going to do it in Miami. Now, 44 minutes in a grudge game with the Celtics is too much. Always an out, always an excuse.


Got ‘em.

To be honest, “The Decision” and its surrounding circus was one of the reasons I started this site – it had it all: the politicking, the immense talent involved, the high-profile teams (read: not Miami) the cadre of writers attempting to set journalism back ten years. And that was even before LeBron hacked up Cleveland with a machete on national TV. There was almost too much to talk about. Watching the Heat fulfill everyone’s worst-case scenario in this way-too-young season: soft, indecisive, unable to handle being the archvillains of the league has been….enjoyable.

Suffice to say, I’m giddy about the first Bulls-Heat matchup (January 15).



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