Electionocity, Part Deux

New polling place; I’ve been downgraded to paper ballots this year. Old school!


I just took you behind my privacy shield. Risqué, no?
Hit my usual smattering of Libertarians, but in some cases, I had to vote against people, and the above is one of them- although I feel Alexi deserves a tip of the cap for going the distance in this race with a position of “Sure, I’ve been a failure in my last two jobs, but I used to hoop with President Obama, so promote me to Senator.”
Election Day is a double-edged sword for me. On the one hand, if you’re a political dork, this is Christmas + Super Bowl (transition of power, no shots fired, yeah America); on the other hand it’s wildly depressing (STILL with just these two parties? Really?). Civic duty done, sticker on, time to spectate.


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