The Weekend That Was

What a galling weekend of football. Illinois looked pretty punchless against MSU, but a freshman QB is liable to have a few bad days at the office. The Bears were the really awful part. A golden opportunity to put the entire NFC North in a headlock and they blow because the offensive line is a turnstile. They literally do nothing well. What could Mike Tice hang his hat on six games through the season?


For all this whining about a run/pass balance, it doesn’t matter what play is being called when you’re getting your business handed back to you at the line of scrimmage (In other words, cool out David Haugh; there are much more glaring concerns than “OMG, they passed 11 times in a row!!!!”). If you want the clearest contrast possible from that game, one side had a rookie (Russell Okung) fighting off Julius Peppers, sometimes singlehandedly, the other had tackles continually ignoring (!) blitzes from the end. That’s really all you need to know.

On a more fun note, caught Mike Birbiglia at The Vic as he celebrates the release of his new book ($12.99 at Amazon, nice). Check it out, he’s hilarious.


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