October 13, 1960

Nice effort from the Worldwide Leader today surrounding the 50th anniversary of Bill Mazeroski's World Series walkoff HR (transparency alert: I do some work involving "The Next Round Served Up by Jim Beam," which you should totally watch). It's hard to argue with this holding the title of the Greatest Home Run of All-Time:
Sportswriters and curmudgeonly veterans (i.e., Ted Williams) have gotten their shorts in a wad about how Maz got into the Hall on the strength of this home run and some defense (going so far as to change the rules for HOF induction), but let's take a second just think about what would happen if this occurred today. A walkoff home run in Game 7 of the World Series? To beat the Yankees? ESPN, YouTube and Twitter would explode simultaneously. Hell, I've seen a World Series walkoff in my lifetime:
That was wildly memorable even though it happened in Game 6 in freaking Canada. AND it involved Mitch Williams. Ratchet that up by orders of magnitude if it's in Game 7 and someone is striking down the Yanks. Anyway, there's a fun inning-by-inning breakdown of the game by Dave Schoenfeld if you've got the time.

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